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First stop, Airbnb…


My first Airbnb experience… I have never thought of paying to stay in someone’s home when traveling before, but thanks to Airbnb for making this possible! We stayed near northcote, just north of Melbourne in this lovely couple home, they have a friendly cat who loves making bed on me!


Nigel, the host was very helpful and offered us some advice and help when he heard that we are heading towards the Great Ocean Road! It is good to receive help when needed.

KLIA transit.


Second time in KLIA, the first was ten over years ago. I did not have a good impression of it then, now it is completely different. KLIA boast many F&B outlets, convenience stores and a good mix of facilities.

Another eight hours wait for our next flight to Melbourne. The mood is relax and full of anticipation, meanwhile, time to get some shut eye.



A simple book, a traveling companion, empty space for the mind to think… What else can one ask for?

Kindness begets kindness during travel


The beauty and joy of travelling is to experience the kindness extended to you by locals, fellow travellers and strangers in your time of need.

We landed in KLIA, totally forgetting our need to use ringgit for our meals, and with only 10 Singapore Dollars in our pockets, we asked the passenger sitting beside us if he would be willing to change some ringgit with us. He did not have any small change with him but he gave us his 50 dollar ringgit, in exchange for our measly 10 Singapore Dollars… Way beyond the usual exchange rate. He just smile and said ” it’s ok”. We had lunch.. With much gratitude in our hearts…

About hatred…

Can one really hate another? Is hate physical? Can you touch it? See it? Smell it? So you know hate is not really external, neither is it physical, so if it is not external nor physical, then where does hate exist?

When something you perceive that happened to you as bad, your belief system does cause an emotion to arise in you, this emotion can be either positive or negative depending on your beliefs. When it is thought of positively, one sees it as a learning experience, when thought of negatively, one sees hate.

Since hate is not produced externally, it has to be produced internally, in your mind. And if hate is produced in your mind, then hate is a product of your own thoughts, isn’t it?

So you can never really hate another person, you can only produce your own hatred, and if hatred is evil, then you are producing your own evil. There is never two sides of a coin, only which side you choose to believe in.

Hatred is the absence of love. Hatred is also a choice.

But Why not choose love?